Play Dates? More like Play Weeks


Play. Play. Play. This word seems to have disappeared in the dictionary of young adolescents today. We never really hear “Oh, come over this weekend so we can play together”, instead we more often hear “Oh, come over this weekend so we can hangout together”. There seems to be some kind of stigma, not necessarily signs of disgrace but more like signs of embarrassment when using the term “play”, for it seems to signify something childish.

Yesterday, February 01, 2017, was the day that I had submitted my application to a summer program. In the morning, I had paid a visit to my counselor who asked me a question, “what would you do if you didn’t have school, like tell me about your non school life. Or how you describe yourself in ways that didn’t correlate to academics?”. These questions had me stumped and up until yesterday, I didn’t realize how much school impacted me and how little I actually “lived” my life. Ironic, I know. Yesterday was Global School Play Day. At first, I didn’t think much of it. I was regretful to hear that we would spend a whole hour playing games and especially shocked that we weren’t allowed to use electronics for I wanted to do my history outline. But when we walked into that classroom with that carefree atmosphere, I completely forgot about my responsibilities and worries (especially about my final grades).

Instead of pulling out my phone to text my friends, I just wandered in and I found my friends seated on the inner corner of the classroom. We played hedbanz and it was a lot of fun. Personally, I was so into the game that I forgot I even had a phone. I forgot that I was at school and it made me actually enjoy school (for once). It revived a feeling inside of me, a feeling of carefreeness, something I had not felt in a while particularly since junior year started. It was such an amazing experience for me to go electronic-free and to play games, actual board games.

As fun as sitting in the seat and playing hedbanz was, I do wish I had tried multiple games, gone outside of the classroom, and played and talked with more than one group of friends. I wish I had gone outside to jump rope (something I loved doing during my childhood).

To say the least, I definitely enjoyed this one of a kind experience. Never in the past three years of my high school career have I ever been allowed to play games in any of my classes. Never in the past three years of my high school has it ever been a coordinated play date for all of the classes in a particular subject. Never in the past three years of my high school has class ever been that much fun and that carefree. To sum it up in 4 words, it was totally RAD.

I think it would be amazing if the school carried out this Global School Play Day all throughout the week instead of one day, like Global School Play Week. Instead of just doing this play day in English, it should be carried out in each department. For example, monday would be play day in math, tuesday english, wednesday history/elective, thursday science, and friday foreign language. I think it would be good if this Play Week was carried out in one of the four years of high school; I think it should be reserved for the third year, because it is most commonly said that junior year is the most stressful one with all of the standard exams, college entrance exams, and high school exams. Because life becomes tough and school begins to occupy a lot of time, it takes away all of the play time. Therefore, it would be a good way for the juniors to relax as well. It would be a good opportunity for the stressed students to temporarily alleviate the pain and be stress-free while at school.

Playing is definitely an important activity in our lives and I think it’s extremely significant that sometimes we take a step back and go outside and play. Playing helps with creativity, because it helps people and students think outside of the box and helps them think in a more playful manner.











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