Finding Peace 

​​​​Finding peace within oneself can be very different for every person. For example in the Crucible, John Proctor, finds peace by giving himself and those around him closure. For those who helieve in him, he continued to maintainthe fact that he was innocent. He didn’t recant his response even when it meant he would sent to the gallows, because people before him refused to succumb and accept a crime they didn’t commit. In addition, people actually believed in him and idealized him. 

Personally I really like how he and wife “made up” and cleared up all of the hard feelings they had for each other and her iconic response to Minister Hale implies that John has found his happiness and she must not take it away for she has done that all of their marriage. 

“He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from.” – Elizabeth Proctor

In the film Trolls, Princess Poppy and her Trollers are freed by Brigitte and they had the chance to run far and high, but they didn’t. Princess Poppy, especially, wanted to go back into that castle and no one even bothered to stop her (notlkke theh could stop her) because that was her “goodness” and it would be wrong to encourage and persuade her to not do it. It would be against their morals and traditions that everyone deserved happiness and that happiness is found from within. 


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