Visiting USC

University of Southern California had never actually been a school I considered going to, because of two reasons: 1) it’s in Los Angeles (and I want to go out of state) and 2) it’s a private institution meaning it’s extremely expensive. 

When I arrived to the school, I was mesmerized. It was such a gorgeous school and it felt warm and comfortable.  I speak of this “warmness” and I don’t mean weather because there had been so many other great schools that I had visited that were my ideal schools but, they didn’t feel warm. They just felt cold and lonely. 

My friends and I were looking for places to eat and we didn’t know where; a young girl,who didn’t know we were even high school students, kindly tapped on my shoulder and told us some great suggestions. She could’ve just said some random places, but she thoughtfully asked us what we wanted and what we were looking for. She was so kind and that’s definitely a plus one for me. 

In addition to that, USC’s campus gives off an East Coast vibe which I love. I love the way the buildings are structured and how it looks so old school. They’re so classy and beautiful. 

What totally sealed the deal for me was the admissions meeting (and I usually never look forward to that). The young girl who told us about the admission’s process is actually a senior at  USC so she was more understanding and comforting. Her more nearby experience made her extremely relatable. For questions she wasn’t sure on, she double checked with the actual admissions counselor to ensure that she was giving us the right information. She kept encouraging and I say this word for word, she kept saying “don’t let gpa, test scores, and finance deter you like it almost did to me and look, after 4 years I’m still here.”

Overall, this visit was a good experience and it has definitely changed my perspective for college searching.   


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