Honoring in Color

Life doesn’t appear in simple black and white. Life is full of color, vividness, and detail. So why do we only apply black and white to our lives?

We often hear “either you’re with us, or you’re against us”. We’ve heard these in the speeches of prominent figures and leaders. They only give us two options when there are actually more choices out there.

This is often called the black and white thinking or false dichotomy. It can intentionally be used a tactic specifically as a form of manipulation for it targets the person’s emotions or feelings, but it can also be unintentionally used. In order to avoid it, try being flexible. You shouldn’t limit yourself or others to simply 2 or 3 options when there are more. In order to defend yourself against a b&w fallacy, you MUST point out an exception or find alternatives! They exist and are there even when you think they’re not!

Riddles. Riddles. Riddles. I think solving riddles is a fun and convenient way to spend some leisure time, but it also a great way at practicing avoiding black and white thinking. With riddles, we have to think outside of the box and we can’t think in a black and white manner. We have to think in a more creative manner, in a manner that’s more unique. We can’t solve riddles thinking of only the obvious, we have to look at not obvious things, the more subtle things. We have to widen our perspectives and take risks sometimes. In this riddle, the people had to find a method to notify each other, but they can only get one wrong and they intentionally use that one freebie to ensure that everyone else can deduce and get their hat color correct. Had they thought of only notifying each other through numbers or morse code, they would’ve been eaten.

The sunset we see everyday is filled with hundreds of different shades of yellow and orange not just simply yellow and orange. Even though we know this fact, we still simply characterize a sunset as yellow and orange when in fact a sunset can be many colors ranging from yellow to orange to pink or even purple and more. We often limit ourselves from different perspectives and close ourselves off to the more unique ideas. We should try opening our minds up for we’d see the world is filled with an infinite amount of options.


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