Visiting That One Tower

Visiting France had always been a dream of mine. I have always seen pictures of the Eiffel Tower at night and it had always been just a dream, a hope, and a goal. I have even learned French in hopes that one day, I would be able to travel to France and communicate with the locals. This past summer, my dream of visiting France finally came true; I got the opportunity to fly with Madame Houlette and a few of my classmates. Before the trip, I had hoped to visit the Eiffel Tower at night, but then, I was told that it would not be possible. Luckily, fate was on our side and July 17, 2016 became a day that I would never forget. 
Knock. Knock. “Bon matin. Es-tu reveillé? (Good morning. Are you awake?)” asked my French mom faintly. 

With difficulty, I groggily opened by eyes. I could feel that I had caught the flu for throat was in so much pain. However, with as much enthusiasm as possible, I responded with “Oui, oui! Je suis reveillé! (Yes, yes! I am awake)!” 

She opened the door and gave me a sweet and warm smile. She told me and my friend, Danielle, that it was noon and that she had prepared un petit dejeuner (breakfast) for us.

At the dining table, my mother asked, “As-tu vu le Tour d’Eiffel à la nuit? Ou vas-tu aller avant rétournant à L’États-Unis? (Have you seen the Eiffel Tower at night? Or will you go before returning to the United States?)” 

While drinking my mango juice, I sympathetically said we have not gone and we will not be going due to our large group. To my surprise she said, “Est-ce tu veux aller à le Tour d’Eiffel ce soir après faisant du shopping and mangant le dîner? Do you want to go to the Eiffel Tower tonight after shopping and eating dinner?”

With excitement I immediately jumped up and screeched, “Oui! Je suis très extatique! Yes! I am very excited!” 

While we shopped, I daydreamed about the famous City of Love and its stunning Eiffel Tower. By 8 pm, I thought ma mere had forgotten what she had promised, but I continued to hope and believe. I was so close yet so far, however I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity and I couldn’t stop hoping. At 9pm, she finally told us to get dressed. My friend and I immediately did our makeup and put on our best outfits, which we purchased that afternoon. I decided to wear my little black dress to fit in with the Parisian scene. On our way there despite my excitement, I began feeling drowsy because it was so late. 

At 11:45pm, ma mere affirmed, “Nous sommes arrivées! We have arrived!”

I immediately perked up. My eyes widened as I laid eyes on the tower. It was the most mesmerizing, beautiful, and awestrucking thing I had ever seen. After driving for another 20 minutes, we saw the Eiffel Tower lit and bright. It had the colors of the French Flag in honor of the Nice tragedy. 

We parked in front of a cafe and crossed the roundabout and got closer to the Eiffel Tower. We walked across the museums and descended stair cases, where we all waltzed for a little and enjoyed the most perfect and breathtaking view of the tower. We walked farther and reached the Seine, where I asked someone to take a family photo for us. There, we continued to move even closer to the tower. We eventually reached the base and it was just so shocking to believe that I was right next to the Eiffel Tower. As a young adolescent, I had always believed this day that would happen Even though at first it happened through a computer screen and it took awhile, I had believed and hoped for so long that it finally happened. Many years later, my dream finally came true and all of the time I waited and all of the hope I invested made that moment so much more valuable and precious. I will never forget that moment, that moment when I was standing right next to the most captivating thing I had ever seen.


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