Flooding Waters

I took this picture from the top of the church at Mont Saint Michele in France. I find it very interesting, because I took this picture midday at around 4:30 pm and the vast land looks almost as dry as a desert. However, by 6 pm the water flows back from some place into Mont Saint Michele and the tide rises so the land becomes flooded. This is why the people of Mont Saint Michele often close up at 6 so they can take the last bus back home before the island floods. The difference a couple hours makes is insane for the once extremely dry land can transform into a deluge.

Changes in life are like the changes that occur to this island, dry and hot (alive) at hour one but wet and flooded (dead) at hour 3!

I feel like this idea applies with life and death, which are both inevitable. Life constantly changes whether we want it to or not. For example, one can see a close relative happy and healthy one day and then sick and dying the next. This same reason is why one should cherish the time one has and observe the beautiful world, because there are some people out there who don’t have this choice just like how this island is dry by noon, but becomes a river before nighttime.



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