Blooming Buds of Joy

I’m writing this blog right now, because my classmate had been told to ponder “What is your happiness?” At first I didn’t give it much attention for I thought I already knew my answer, but it turns out I’m not quite sure I know the answer.

I’ve spent the last few days thinking about what will make me happy? Earning a lot of money? Going to my dream school? Becoming a doctor? Those things are what I want and what I aspire to become, but what will they make me truly happy? To a certain extent, they will, but I fear they may also take away parts of my happiness. 

So what about other forms of happiness? It might be an intangible feeling of happiness that cannot be seen or be held.  For example for me being at this flower field in Carlsbad, California gave me a euphoria that I don’t think a lot of things can. I’m not sure why it does this, maybe it was the bright colored flowers that increased my spirits or it was the light breeze that lifted some weight off my shoulders, but it just made me feel extremely happy and carefree. It’s a simple field filled with blooming flowers, but this field gives me more joy than when I score an A on a test.

Though this image doesn’t give the flower fields full justice, when I look at this image I think of beautiful things and I want to leave it here in hopes that it will make you as happy as it makes me. Now that I’ve shared one thing that makes me truly happy, what is one thing that makes you truly happy?



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